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Quick and Dirty Feed Parser 1.01 is now available! - 1/20/2011.


Quick and Dirty Feed Parser now includes support for Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight. Click here to read the full Quick and Dirty Feed Parser 1.01 release notes.

Also, check out Geeky Reads which was built using Quick and Dirty Feed Parser 1.01. You can download the source for Geeky Reads from Github.

What's Quick and Dirty Feed Parser for?

Quick and Dirty Feed Parser is a lightweight .NET library designed to give developers an agnostic way of parsing RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 XML syndication formats. QD Feed Parser parses both Atom and RSS feeds into business objects with common interfaces which expose the substance of the feeds - that way you can get to the business of syndicating content without worrying about what format it's in.

Quick and Dirty Feed Parser works with .NET 4.0, Silverlight 4, and Windows Phone 7.

Why should I use Quick and Dirty Feed Parser?

QD Feed Parser spares you from the horror of XML parsing. It has a straightforward contract with the developers who use this library:
  1. Pass the URI of a valid RSS/Atom feed to any IFeedFactory object's .CreateFeed method.
  2. Receive a fully populated IFeed object in return, which has all of the same members regardless of whether or not it's an RSS or an Atom feed.
  3. Do anything which violates this contact, promptly receive an Exception in return.

That's it. You send the parser the URI of a valid RSS 2.0 / Atom 1.0 feed and get a simple, populated .NET object in return. No XPath, no LINQ-to-XML, no fooling around with XML namespaces, no XML whatsoever. It's easy.

QD Feed Parser in Practice

If you want to see the Quick and Dirty Feed Parser in action, check out the Great Wall of Geeks!

QD Feed Parser News

 Aaronontheweb - QDFeedParser News Feed 
 Aaronontheweb - QDFeedParser News Feed 


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